GrowNYC Partners provides professional consulting services to bring our clients’ food, farming, gardening or recycling project to fruition.

GrowNYC Partners helps businesses, foundations, and government agencies transform and empower their consumers and communities —spearheading sustainability through New York City’s private sector and beyond.

As a nonprofit with 40 years of success, we are dedicated to providing simple, cost-effective solutions.

Consulting and Advising Services

Food and farming – Organizing retail markets, wholesale distribution, sourcing, sustainability, urban farming, food system planning and, community gardening. 

Recycling and waste reduction – Commercial and residential recycling, waste reduction, composting, and rain water harvesting. 

Education – Environmental, gardening, recycling, food and farming.

40 Years of Experience Growing and Greening NYC

Residents now have access to over 50 Greenmarkets where they can purchase fresh, healthy, local produce from small farmers who keep 30,000 acres in production. 

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have improved their recycling know-how, and taken advantage of alternative disposal options for textiles and food scraps, CFL light bulbs and electronics. 

Residents can garden, play, and relax in more than 60 green spaces and play lots created, and hundreds more assisted by staff and volunteers. 

The eyes of more than 34,000 young people have been opened to environmental issues facing our cities and given the tools and opportunities to help find solutions, including tree planting and habitat restoration.


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